Greenland's eastern coast is flanked by thousands of icebergs calved from the country's massive ice sheet. Here, we venture into the largest national park in the world-Greenland National Park-to spot polar bears, musk oxen, arctic hare and more.
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Opulent palaces and historic hill-forts, a fairy-tale city in the middle of the Thar Desert - the second-largest in the world - magnificent temples and riotously coloured, bustling cityscapes, and more can be found in Rajasthan, India's largest state, tucked away in its northwest corner.
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A decadent trip that checks off some of the key stops on the Indian subcontinent and then some. In addition to visiting the classic triangle cities of Delhi, Agra and Jaipur, you can see wildlife in Ranthambore and visit one of the holiest cities in India: Varanasi.
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Travel in search of the northern lights — one of nature’s most compelling spectacles — and experience the culture of Lapland, trying your hand at dog sledding and snowshoeing, and staying in a unique hotel made of ice.
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Step into the rainforests of Andasibe-Mantadia National Park to meet lemurs, revisit an Explorers Club flag expedition through the Tsingy region, and visit remote northern villages with a sustainability expert.
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Explore the Celtic mysteries of the Emerald Isle. Learn from field experts, historians and local storytellers as they weave together Ireland’s modern highlights, ancient tales, and under-the-radar wonders.
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Explore Angkor Wat and the stunning temples of the Khmer kingdom, learn about Cambodia’s more recent dramatic history, and engage in wildlife protection efforts in the Cardamom Mountains.
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One of Florence’s most notable citizens, Dante Alighieri, was exiled from the city in the 1300s. Unlike Dante, you’ll be welcomed to Florence with open arms! Upon your arrival, you’ll be greeted by your one-of-a-kind Monograms Local Host®, someone who is there for you throughout your stay to answer questions, help arrange your activities, offer…
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Immerse yourself in the ancient and modern cultures of Japan. Learn the art of the tea ceremony, and stand before the famous Senso-ji Buddhist temple. Tour Matsumoto Castle, known as the "Crow Castle" for its black exterior. Taste legendary Hida beef and sip sake at a local brewery. Delve into Kyoto, the marvelous cultural capital of Japan. Absorb the beauty of the Golden Pavilion and the majesty of Nijo Castle. Board the Shinkansen "bullet" train to travel to Hiroshima to visit Shrine Island...
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