Chez Carole


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Chez Carole

Chez Carole is a Fort-de-France institution, a favourite among locals and visitors alike. The colourful setting and kitchen, the small but cosy dining area, the internationally famous hospitality of the restaurant's eponymous owner, and most importantly, the top-notch Creole cuisine bring many to dine at the modest place located in the Grand Marche Couvert.


Martinique owes its eclectic culinary tradition to a mix of cultures and influences, creating Creole specialties that combine French sophistication with African spice and flavour, drawing also on Asian ideas. Seafood features prominently on any menu, including shellfish, smoked fish, crab, stewed conch and curry dishes. Start your meal with a mixed rum drink and finish with a fine vintage, and indulge in the flavours and aromas of the rich Martinican cuisine.