How to Solo Travel Throughout AfricaAccording to a Woman Who Visited All 54 Countries

After traveling across Africa and writing a memoir about it, Boipelo Tladinyane Hlubi knows a thing or two about navigating this exciting continent.

Bored with her computer systems career, Boipelo Tladinyane Hlubi, a South African solo traveler, resigned and embarked on her dream trip of touring all 54 countries in Africa on public transport. This desire to tour her continent was birthed after sharing interactions with African nationals and other tribes from South Africa, which sparked curiosity about the various cultures that shape Africa. Despite the fact that she had already toured four continents, it is Hlubi’s solo travels in Africa that captured her heart the most and inspired her to write a memoir titled: A Safari Back to Self: Backpacking 54 Countries in Africa. From navigating between cultures and religions, surviving deportations, jumping on and off moving vehicles, and the endless customs processes—here is what Hlubi wants you to know about solo traveling throughout Africa.

10 Hacks to Travel Like a Billionaire (but on a Budget)

Traveling like the rich and famous is easier than you think.

Life can be a hustle when you’re not in the top 1%. Between being gouged by gas stations and hidden resort fees, satisfying wanderlust by even regular means can be a struggle. Wouldn’t it be nice if you could live like an episode of The Crown or Life of Kylie for just one day? (I.e. bask in luxury.) We’ll let you in on a little secret…you darn well can…even without Buffet or Gates behind your first name. Here are 10 absolutely genius hacks to help even the most humble of travelers get a taste of life as the rich and famous. Some, we admit, are a tiny splurge while others are as cheap as a DVD bundle, but all of these gems will bring you a once-in-a-lifetime kind of experience that any Tinder Swindler would covet. 

12 Spectacularly Scenic Waterfall Drives Across the U.S.

Splish splash.

With destinations like West Virginia having just launched their first-ever statewide Waterfall Trail and the Oregon Bed & Breakfast Guild having prepared a dedicated map of waterfalls for their guests to visit across the state, waterfall chasers are rushing out in full force. These 12 waterfall drives across the U.S. promise spectacular sights accessible via a scenic road trip (with a couple of opportunities for travelers also to stretch out their legs sprinkled along the way).