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Taxi Travel

Minibus taxis form the backbone of Jo'burg's transportation for ordinary commuters, but you should avoid using them since they're often not roadworthy, drivers can be irresponsible, and it's difficult to know where they're going without consulting a local. Car taxis, though more expensive, are easier to use. They have stands at the airport and the train stations, but otherwise you must phone for one (be sure to ask how long it will take the taxi to get to you). Taxis should be licensed and have a working meter. Meters usually start at R50 (includes first 3 km [2 miles]) and are about R13 per kilometer (½ mile) thereafter. Expect to pay about R500 to the airport from town or Sandton and about R300 to the city center from Sandton. Uber is a popular, safe, and inexpensive taxi service, but it can be accessed only from an app.


Maxi Taxi. 011/648–1212; 011/648–1200.

Quick Cab. Johannesburg, Gauteng. 086/166–5566.

Rose Taxis. Johannesburg, Gauteng. 011/403–9625; 011/403–0000;

Uber. Johannesburg, Gauteng.


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