Taxi Travel

Taxis are expensive compared with other forms of transportation but offer a quick way to get around the city center. Don't expect to see the throngs of cabs you find in London or New York, as most people in Cape Town use public transportation or their own cars. You'll be lucky to hail one on the street. Taxis rarely use roof lights to indicate availability, but if you flag down an occupied cab, the driver may radio another car for you. Your best bet is to summon a taxi by phone or head to one of the major taxi stands, such as those at Greenmarket Square or either end of Adderley Street (near the Slave Lodge and outside the train station). Expect to pay R50–R70 for a trip from the city center to the Waterfront. For lower rates at night, try prebooking the Backpacker Bus, a shuttle service on Adderley Street. In addition to the companies listed here, ask your hotel or guesthouse which company it recommends. Lodging establishments often have a relationship with particular companies and/or drivers, and this way you will be assured of safe, reliable service.

Rikkis are London taxi-style cars that provide a cheaper alternative to metered taxis. Service is door-to-door, and they operate 24 hours a day, covering the entire city and airport.

To the airport from the City Bowl will cost R220, with the cost rising the farther out you are.


Backpacker Bus. 021/424–1184;

Excite Taxis. Cape Town, Western Cape. 021/448–4444.

Rikkis. Cape Town, Western Cape. 0861/745–547;

Unicab. 0861/710–711;


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