I am fortunate that my parents gave me travel experiences at an early age by taking lengthy car trips throughout the U.S. every summer; and also several European bus tours throughout the continent, during my adolescent years.

It all began with one very memorable event occurring at the age of 8, my first cruise. During Christmas vacation break from third grade, my family sailed from New York City past the Statue of Liberty for a month-long round-trip voyage through the Caribbean and along eastern South America as far south as Buenos Aires, Argentina. During that awesome adventure, I learned that kids my age in a completely different cultural environment enjoyed the same life experiences including opening Christmas gifts. I was hooked on cruising and traveling to foreign lands and knew I wanted to travel and design my journeys the rest of my life! My love of travel and passion to get the most out of each adventure throughout my early adult life gave me the desire to help others create lifetime memories like those that I have. Fast forward a few years, my inspiration to assist others achieve the same cultural rewards prompted me to begin training at our local travel agency and after a few years and a change of ownership, I decided it was time to develop Getaway Dreams Come True Travel. I only wish I had become a professional travel planner much sooner!

So why choose Getaway Dreams Come True Travel Agency? Your vacation should be a personalized experience, creating lifetime memories tailored to your desires. Hotels, cruise lines, airlines and destinations have unique personalities.  Our Mission — To provide educated, professional advice to prospective clients to make intelligent buying decisions regarding their lifetime memories experience. Our specialties are luxury cruise experiences and ultimate exotic destinations; our vacation advisor will craft an awesome adventure from your bucket list.

We start with a comprehensive discussion where we uncover your purpose and desired goals for your proposed luxury adventure.   Our experience and partnership with many travel suppliers has given us insight into the wishes of travelers like you, as well as the unique opportunities available throughout the world.  Care, time, research and patience are some of the characteristics that our consultants carefully apply to your desired wishes to develop an optimal vacation experience for your choice of valued travel. You benefit from our personality which you cannot find for any price anywhere. We take care of the details and remain available for information (click here to see our blogs), questions or issues until your departure and beyond. Follow-up is also a key part of caring for your travel experiences.

Our owner is a Certified Travel Associate (CTA), having earned her designation from The Travel Institute, the oldest non-profit certification organization in the travel industry. These credentials require that she have at least 18 months of travel industry work experience, complete rigorous certification and testing, and continue to fulfill stringent education credit requirements each year. In addition, our travel consultants are CLIA™ (the cruise industry's organization) Certified Cruise Counselors and continually update their education online and during onsite inspections with individual cruise lines, as well as travel destination sites. 

After perusing our site and finding ideas and optional adventures to consider, please call us to schedule your VACATION PLANNING SESSION at 724.752.2655. We care, let's talk.